Developer, publisher and distributor of entertainment products

Disky Entertainment

Disky Entertainment is an international developer, publisher and distributor of entertainment products, specifically DVD, CD and books, both on-line as physical. 

Various Dutch TV series and international music series are among the concepts which Disky Entertainment has introduced successfully.

Besides the marketing, sales and distribution of front line product, Disky is also specialized in running campaigns, mostly based on the in/out principle and aiming at the impulse buyer. Both traditional and non-traditional channels are being serviced.

With over 30 years of experience in the entertainment business, Disky Entertainment can now be your partner going online. We can help you distribute your audio content worldwide, to all the big download and streaming services.


Address       Electronweg 5, 1627 LB Hoorn, NL
Tel.   +31 (0)229 - 577 555