Welcome to the Hermans Group.

Who we are

Hermans Group
Electronweg 5-7
1627 LB  Hoorn
The Netherlands

 +31 (0) 229 – 577 555


Currently e-mails are being sent from a person calling herself “Michelle Sara from the Hermans Group”. She uses the e-mail address: sales-hermans@outlook.com. Please be advised that these e-mails are not from our company and we have taken legal action to prevent this from happening again. If you have been contacted by her, or by anyone else pretending to be from the Hermans Group, please contact us at secretariaat@hermansgroup.com

Since the foundation in 1973 this family business has been a very active Trade House. 
Over the years we have built a global network and expertise in retail- and wholesale trade. Our organization is driven by SAP Software, and from our 40.000m2 logistic center we supply our partners all over the world.

Our main activities and related companies are:
•    Hermanex Europe > Wholesale
•    Hermans Instore Marketing > Retail, Fulfillment and Service Merchandise
•    Personeelsvoordeelwinkel > Benefit shop for employees
•    HIS Fashion > Fashion logistics and distribution
•    Bace International > Sales and distribution
•    Disky Entertainment > Music and Movie licensing