Full Service Fashion Handling

H.I.S Fashion

HIS Fashion Logistics is specialized in the distribution of clothing: a logistical service provider with a strategically focus on the clothing industry and is your partner with regards to (a pan-European) custom-made distribution on shop level.
HIS Fashion enables you to utilize your opportunities, fulfill your goals and meet your requirements. Whether it is the processing of season deliveries, special action deliveries, back orders or deliveries for a never-out-of stock program. 

The basis of our activities is formed by a specific vision on how to handle the logistic issues of our customers. We believe a logistical service provider should stand shoulder to shoulder with the customer and provide them with the best logistical support possible.

Our warehouse has a buffer capacity up to 16.000 pallets. Because of our state of the art sorting machine and advanced level of ICT we are able to provide a stable organization which is capable of rapidly processing high quality deliveries.

Thorough analysis of the fashion branch has made it possible for us to fully respond to all the logistical needs and demands of the fashion industry, now and in the future!


Address     Electronweg 5, 1627 LB Hoorn, NL
E-mail   info@hisbv.nl
Tel.   +31 (0)229 - 577 555