A benefit store for companies and its employees.

A shop that is run within a company, but where the company involved does not have to put extra invenstments in time or money. All is runned and organized by De Personeelsvoordeelwinkel, but with the style and look and feel of the involved company.

In short:

•        Your own webshop for staff in your company-style!
•        20% up to 70% discount on regular retailprices. 
•        100’s of new different competitive offers a week!
•        Delivery within 5 working days. 

What kind of products can you expect: 
•    Toys
•    Electronics
•    Cooking & living
•    Bicycles
•    Garden furniture
•    Fashion
•    Tickets (museums, theme parks etc)
•    And many, many more….



Address       Electronweg 5, 1627 LB Hoorn, NL
Tel.   +31 (0)88-188 0900